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Adventures of the
twelfth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Deep Breath
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Lights OutPuffin e-book
The Mercy SeatsScientific Secrets
Into the Dalek
Road RageDWA 352
Chime TimeDWA 353
SilhouetteBBC novel
Robot of Sherwood
Once BittenDWA 354
Crash LandingDWA 355
The Crawling TerrorBBC novel
The Blood CellBBC novel

Features an encounter with the young first Doctor, many years prior to Dr Who and the Daleks.

Appearance of twelfth Doctor in The Constant Doctor.
Flashback of the Doctor and Gertie visiting Mars in Super Gran.
The Monsters of Coal Hill SchoolAnnual 2015
Time Heist
When the Wolves CameAnnual 2015
FreezeAnnual 2015
The Eye of TormentDWM 477-480
The Court of BirdsDWA 356
More than Meets the EyeDWA 357
Witch WorkDWA 358
Buyer's RemorseHeroes and Monsters
The Caretaker
TerrorformerTitan 12th 1-2
The Swords of KaliTitan 12th 3-5
The Doctor first encounters Diana Winter, as recounted in The Gods of Winter.
Silver MosquitoesScientific Secrets
A Long Way DownTime Trips
Kill the Moon
Mummy on the Orient Express
Gift Snatched!DWA 359
The Instruments of WarDWM 481-483
The Body ElectricTitan FCBD 2015
The FracturesTitan 12th 6-8
GanglandTitan 12th 9-10
Flashback of the Doctor and Gertie fighting the gestalt in Super Gran.
In the Forest of the Night
Four DoctorsTitan mini-seriesFeatures the tenth Doctor between Sins of the Father and The Singer Not the Song; the eleventh Doctor between The Comfort of the Good and The Then and the Now; a flashback of the War Doctor some time before the events of Only the Monstrous; and an appearance by the ninth Doctor, between A Groatsworth of Wit and Rose and the Snow Window.
All the Empty TowersScientific Secrets
Dark Water
Death in Heaven
Behind YouBBC DW website
Last Christmas
The Gods of WinterBBC audiobookRecounts the Doctor's first encounter with Diana Winter, which occurs between The Swords of Kali and Silver Mosquitoes.
PetrifiedDWA 360
The WheelersDWA 361
Five a DayDWA 362
The Very Hungry SnakeDWA 363
Royal BloodBBC novel
Sunset Over VenusScientific Secrets
Space Invaders!DWM 484
Blood and IceDWM 485-488
SelfieTitan one-shot
Empire's FallDWA v2 1
The Big HushDWA v2 2
The Giant's HeartDWA v2 3
Flashback of the Doctor and Gertie encountering a mummy at the Pyramids in Super Gran.
Doctor in a BottleDWA v2 3
Doctor on the MenuDWA v2 4
TrustDWA v2 5
HyperballadDWA v2 6
Big Bang GenerationBBC novel
Helana and the BeastTime Lord Fairy Tales This heavily-stylized telling may not be an accurate depiction of events.
Beauty SleepDWA v2 7
Unearthly ThingsTitan 12th 11
The Hyperion EmpireTitan 12th 12-15
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in Briarwood.
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in A Matter of Life and Death.
Spirits of the JungleDWM 489-491
The House of WinterBBC audiobook
Deep TimeBBC novel
The Doctor's MeditationBBC mini-episode
The Magician's Apprentice
The Witch's Familiar
Under the Lake
Before the Flood
Zorgo the TerribleAnnual 2016
Super GranAnnual 2016Flashbacks show the Doctor taking Gertie to Mars, between Listen and The Monsters of Coal Hill School; fighting a gestalt creature trying to superheat the planet, between Gangland and In the Forest of the Night; and encountering a mummy at the Pyramids, between The Giant's Heart and Doctor in a Bottle.
The Girl Who Died
The Highgate HorrorDWM 492-493
Time and PR in SpaceDWA v2 8
The Sins of WinterBBC audiobook
My Dad, The DoctorFirst News
The Ministry of TimeDWA v2 9
Big in JapanDWA v2 10
The Woman Who Lived
The Dragon LordDWM 494-495
The Persistence of Memory12 Doctors of Xmas
Night of the KrakenChoose the Future 1
Baby Sleepy FaceTales of Terror
The Zygon Invasion
The Zygon Inversion
Sleep No More
Relative DimensionsTitan 12th 16
Clara Oswald and the School of DeathTitan 12th 2.1-2.4
The Fourth WallTitan 12th 2.5
Theatre of the MindDWM 496
The Memory of WinterBBC audiobook
Witch HuntDWM 497-499
Face the Raven
Heaven Sent
Hell Bent
HauntedBBC DW website
All That GlittersAmerican Adventures
The Doctor promises to protect Kiron, as seen in The Promise.
The Spice RouteDWA v2 11
Ghosts of the SeasDWA v2 12
Shock HorrorDWA v2 13
Sky ManorDWA v2 14
Terror MoonChoose the Future 2
The Mondas TouchMyths & Legends
Robo RampageTitan FCBD 2016
Off the TrailAmerican Adventures
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill.
The Stockbridge ShowdownDWM 500
The Pestilent HeartDWM 501-503
Moving InDWM 504
BloodsportDWM 505-506
Be ForgotDWM 507
Doorway to HellDWM 508-511
Ghosts of New YorkAmerican Adventures
The Doctor rescues Kiron from a Howler, as seen in The Promise.
PetalsDWA v2 15
GalleryDWA v2 16
Pirates of VourakisDWA v2 17
From the Horse's MouthDWA v2 18
Fear BudsDWA v2 19
Royal WeddingDWA v2 20
Night of the WormsDWA v2 21
Wings of the PredatorDWA v2 22
Killer AppDWA v2 23
Taking the PlungeAmerican Adventures
The Long ConTitan one-shotFeatures appearances by the tenth Doctor between Lady of the Blue Box and The Wishing Well Witch; and the eleventh Doctor between The Comfort of the Good and The Then and the Now.
Supremacy of the CybermenTitan mini-seriesFeatures the ninth Doctor between The Doctor Dances and Weapons of Past Destruction; the tenth Doctor between The Infinite Corridor and The Jazz Monster; and the eleventh Doctor between Physician, Heal Thyself and Something Borrowed. Time distortions also affect the first Doctor during An Unearthly Child; the second Doctor during The Moonbase; the third Doctor between Prisoners of the Lake and Where the Heart Is; the fourth Doctor between The Fear and The Ribos Operation; the fifth Doctor between Planet of Fire and Light at the End of the Tunnel; the sixth Doctor during The Trial of a Time Lord; the seventh Doctor between Doctor Conkeror! and Living in the Past; the eight Doctor following A Matter of Life and Death; and the War Doctor on the last day of the Time War.
The TwistTitan 12th 2.6-2.8
Playing HouseTitan 12th 2.9-2.10
Spectator SportAmerican Adventures
Elephant in the RoomAnnual 2017
The PromiseAnnual 2017We see the Doctor making his promise to Kiron, between All That Glitters and The Spice Route; and saving him from a Howler, between Ghosts of New York and Petals.
For Tonight We Might DieClass episode 1
Terror of the Cabinet NoirTitan 12th 2.11-2.13
Invasion of the MindmorphsTitan 12th 2.14-2.15
Base of OperationsAmerican Adventures
The Boy with the Displaced SmileTitan 12th 3.2
The Lost AngelBBC audiobook
The Lost PlanetBBC audiobook
The Lost MagicBBC audiobook
The Lost FlameBBC audiobook
Beneath the WavesTitan 12th 3.1, 3.3-3.4
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in Vortex Butterflies.
Death Among the StarsBBC audiobook
A Cold SnapDWA v2 24
Appearance of twelfth Doctor in The Good Companion.
Catch a Falling StarTitan FCBD 2018
Rhythm of DestructionBBC audiobook
The Doctor inadvertently gives Grant superpowers, as seen in The Return of Doctor Mysterio.
The Husbands of River Song
The Doctor is summoned to act as Missy's executioner, as seen in flashback in Extremis.
The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Features the Doctor's first encounter with Grant, which occurs prior to The Husbands of River Song.

The Doctor begins teaching at St Luke's University, keeping his vow to guard the Vault over many decades.
Girl Power!Missy Chronicles
Missy Loves GhostieAnnual 2018
Ghost StoriesTitan mini-series
The Pilot
Thin Ice
The Soul GardenDWM 512-514
Diamond DogsBBC novel
The Shining ManBBC novel
The PromiseTitan FCBD 2017Features flashbacks of the ninth Doctor prior to The Bleeding Heart; the tenth Doctor between The Infinite Corridor and The Jazz Monster; and the eleventh Doctor between The Tragical History Tour and Time of the Ood.
Knock Knock
Loose in the LaneAnnual 2018
The Last Action FigureTitan one-shotFeatures a flashback of the fifth Doctor, between Zaltys and Kingdom of Lies.
I Am the DoctorAnnual 2018

Features flashbacks of the Doctor acting as Missy's executioner, between The Husbands of River Song and The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

The Pyramid at the End of the World
The Lie of the Land
Bill and the Three JacketsThe Day She Saved the Doctor
The Parliament of FearDWM 515-517
MatildusDWM 518
The Phantom PiperDWM 519-523
The Clockwise WarDWM 524-
Plague CityBBC novel
Empress of Mars
The Eaters of Light
The Wolves of WinterTitan 12th 3.5-3.7
The Lost DimensionTitan mini-seriesFeatures appearances by the ninth Doctor between Only Human and Boom Town; the tenth Doctor between War of Gods and Breakfast at Tyranny's; the third Doctor between The Hungry Planet and Children of the Evil Eye; the fifth Doctor between Do You Smell Carrots? and Empire of the Racnoss; the eleventh Doctor between Hungry Thirsty Roots and Midnight Feast; the fourth Doctor, between The Final Analysis and The Creature from the Pit; the second Doctor, between The Piltdown Men and The Extortioner; the eighth Doctor after A Matter of Life and Death; the first Doctor between From Eternity and Making History; the sixth Doctor between The Carrionite Curse and Criss-Cross; the seventh Doctor between Christmas in Toronto and A Thousand Tiny Wings; and the War Doctor some time prior to The Stranger. There is also a flashback of the sixth Doctor helping to found Horlak's colony, after Voyage to the New World.
The Great Shopping BillTitan 12th 3.9
A Confusion of AngelsTitan 12th 3.10-3.13
World Enough and Time
The Doctor Falls
Twice upon a Time

Features an appearance by the first Doctor, occurring during The Tenth Planet.

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