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Adventures of the
tenth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Born AgainChildren in Need

The Christmas Invasion
Attack of the GraskeBBCi interactive

The Doctor gives Grayla a lift, as seen in flashback in The Whispering Gallery.
The Doctor defeats the elemental shade that killed Elton's mother, as seen in flashback in Love & Monsters.
Growing Terror
Hyperstar Rising
Death Race Five Billion
The Macrobe Menace
The Hunt of Doom
Reunion of Fear
Battles in Time 1-6
He's Behind YouWintertime Paradox
The Betrothal of SontarDWM 365-367
The LodgerDWM 368
New Earth

Which Switch?DWA 1
Mirror ImageDWA 2
Under the VolcanoDWA 3
The Germ WarDWA 4
Warfreekz!DWA 5
The Glutonoid MenaceBattles in Time 7
Tooth and Claw
The Stone RoseBBC novel
The Feast of the DrownedBBC novel
The Resurrection CasketBBC novel
F.A.Q.DWM 369-71
Following an encounter with dragons, the Doctor and Rose nearly return to London in answer to Jackie's call, as seen in Wednesdays for Beginners.
I Am a DalekBBC Quick Reads
School Reunion

The Girl in the Fireplace

The tenth Doctor's appearance in The Road to... occurs during this story.

The Green-Eyed MonsterDWM 377
Rise of the Cybermen
The Age of Steel
A Delicate OperationDWA 6
Blood and TearsDWA 7
Fried DeathDWA 8
Bizarre ZeroDWA 9
Save the Humans!DWA 10
The Idiot's Lantern
Cuckoo-SpitStorybook 2007
The Cat Came BackStorybook 2007
Opera of Doom!Storybook 2007
Infamy of the ZarossBF 10th 2.1
The Sword of the ChevalierBF 10th 2.2
Cold VengeanceBF 10th 2.3
The Hero FactorDW Files 1
Stamp of ApprovalDW Files 2
No Fun at the FairDW Files 3
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit

The Doctor and Rose track down the Hoix, as seen in Love & Monsters.
Down the Rabbit HoleAnnual 2007
Bat Attack!
The Battle of Reading Gaol
DWA 11-12
TriskaidekaphobiaDWA 13
Smart BombsDWA 14
Pinball WizardDWA 15
The Taste of DeathBF 10DC 1.1
The Nightmare of Black IslandBBC novel
The Art of DestructionBBC novel
The Price of ParadiseBBC novel
Gangster's Paradise
Heads You Lose
DWA 16-17
A Date to Remember
Snow Fakes
DWA 18-19
Love & Monsters

Opens with the Doctor battling the Hoix, which occurs between The Satan Pit and Down the Rabbit Hole; also features a flashback of the Doctor hunting an elemental shade, between Attack of the Graske and Growing Terror.

The FuturistsDWM 372-374
Interstellar OverdriveDWM 375-376
Fear Her
Gravestone HouseStorybook 2007
UntitledStorybook 2007
No One DiedStorybook 2007
Army of Ghosts

The final scenes show the Doctor contacting Rose across parallel universes, which occurs immediately prior to The Runaway Bride.

The Hunters
DWA 20-21
Once Upon a TimeStorybook 2007
Corner of the EyeStorybook 2007
Beneath the Skin
The Sky Below
Beyond the Sea
Lonely Planet
Battles in Time 12-15
The Doctor locates a supernova, enabling him to contact Rose - as seen in Doomsday.
The Runaway Bride
13 O'ClockDWA 22-23
Green FingersDWA 24-25
The Snag FindersDWA 26-27
Soul MusicShort Trips bonus
The Power of the Cybermen
Drones of Doom
Enemy Mine
Time of the Cybermen
Battles in Time 8-11
The Doctor takes part in the polar expedition on Grothendar, as seen in flashback in Wormhole.
Deep and Dreamless SleepSunday Times
Plague PanicBattles in Time 16
Free SpeechShort Trips 12.X
The Warkeeper's CrownDWM 378-380
Appearance of tenth Doctor in That's All Right, Mama.
Cats and DogsStorybook 2008
Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code

Appearance of tenth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
Rewriting HistoryScientific Secrets
Made of SteelBBC Quick Reads
Exhausting EvilBattles in Time 17
BacktrackBF 10DC 1.2
Daleks in Manhattan
Evolution of the Daleks
The Lazarus Experiment
The Woman Who Sold the WorldDWM 381-384
Who Ate All the Biscuits?BBC DW website
The Infinite QuestTotally DW animation
The Whispering GalleryIDW one-shotFeatures a flashback of the Doctor meeting Grayla, between Attack of the Graske and Growing Terror.
The Doctor is incapacitated by the green mists off Orion's Belt, as seen in flashback in Ground Control.
Sting of the ZygonsBBC novel
The Last DodoBBC novel
Wooden HeartBBC novel
The Spaceship GraveyardDecide Your Destiny 1
The WeepingThe Story of Martha
The Skrawn InheritanceDWA 28-29
The Green, the Bad and the UglyDWA 30-31
Wrath of the Warrior
The Screaming Prison
Force and Fury
Warriors' Revenge
Battles in Time 18-21
Minus Seven WondersDWA 32-33
Alien ArenaDecide Your Destiny 2
Head Start
Jewel of the Vile
Lock, Stocks and Barrel
End Game
Battles in Time 22-25
The Last SoldierDWA 34-35
Signs of LifeDWA 36-37
The Time CrocodileDecide Your Destiny 3
The Body BankStorybook 2008
The Box Under the TreeStorybook 2008
Zombie MotelStorybook 2008
Sun ScreenStorybook 2008
The Iron CircleStorybook 2008
Kiss of LifeStorybook 2008
Deep WaterStorybook 2008
The Corinthian ProjectDecide Your Destiny 4
Forever AutumnBBC novel
Sick BuildingBBC novel
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
Bus Stop!DWM 385
Mind ShadowsBBC DW website
Breathing SpaceThe Story of Martha
WetworldBBC novel
Whilst dealing with four things and a lizard, the Doctor and Martha briefly meet Sally Sparrow, as seen in Blink.
The Crystal SnareDecide Your Destiny 5
The Mystery of the Haunted CottagePuffin e-book
Myth MakerAnnual 2008
The Planet That WeptAnnual 2008
Swarm EnemiesAnnual 2008
The FirstDWM 386-389
War of the RobotsDecide Your Destiny 6
The Millennium Blag
Second Wave
Operation Lock-Up
Crime After Crime
Battles in Time 26-29
Shipwreck!DWA 38-39
Cold WarDWA 40-41
House PestsBattles in Time 30
Dark PlanetDecide Your Destiny 7
Needle PointDW Files 9
The Secret of the StonesDW Files 12
Minor Trouble
Inhuman Sacrifice
Crimes and Punishment
Battles in Time 31-33
Waste NotDWA 42-43
The Frozen WastesThe Story of Martha
The Haunted Wagon TrainDecide Your Destiny 8
Wishing WellBBC novel
The Pirate LoopBBC novel
PeacemakerBBC novel

The tenth Doctor's appearance in A Little Help from My Friends occurs during this story; whilst the final scene shows the Doctor and Martha meeting Sally, between Wetworld and The Crystal Snare.

Appearance of tenth Doctor in Alternating Current.
Defender of the DaleksTitan mini-seriesFeatures the thirteenth Doctor, during the final scenes of Alternating Current.
Agent ProvocateurIDW mini-series
Revenge of the JudoonBBC Quick Reads
A Klytode ChristmasDWA 44-45
Death to the Doctor!DWM 390Features flashbacks of the first Doctor between Mother Russia and Murder in the Dark; the third Doctor between Last of the Gadarene and The Green Death; the fourth Doctor between The Sleeping Guardians and Dr. Who and the Turgids; the sixth Doctor between War-Game and Funhouse; the eighth Doctor between The Autonomy Bug and Ophidius; and the ninth Doctor between The Red Bicycle and Father's Day.
Universal MonstersDWM 391-393
In-Flight EntertainmentBBC DW website
The Horror of Howling HillDecide Your Destiny 12
Star-CrossedThe Story of Martha
Martha in the MirrorBBC novel
SnowGlobe 7BBC novel
The Many HandsBBC novel
Black Death White LifeIDW one-shot

The Sound of Drums

The Story of MarthaBBC novel
Last of the Time Lords

Time CrashChildren in Need
Features an appearance by the fifth Doctor, between Blood Invocation and Mawdryn Undead.
Voyage of the Damned
The FrozenBBC DW website
The Hopes and Fears of All the YearsDaily Telegraph
Loose Wire12 Doctors of Xmas
The Grief CollectorTime Lord Fairy Tales This heavily-stylized telling may not be an accurate depiction of events.
The Beast Is Back in TownBBC DW website
Death in the New ForestTales from New Earth 1.2
Lost LuggageDecide Your Destiny 9
The Diamonds of Sartor
Quarsian Mission
Android of Death
Battles in Time 34-36
The Monster UpstairsDWA 46-47
Hot MetalDWA 48-49
Blooms of Doom!Battles in Time 37
Second SkinDecide Your Destiny 10
The Halls of SacrificeDWA 50-51
Dusty Death
Cold Assassin
Designs of the Dust
A Suitable Showdown
Battles in Time 38-41
The Old Kings of SkarabDWA 52-53
Reign of the Stone MonkeyDWA 54-55
Every Dog Has Its DayDWA 56-57
Escape to PenhaxicoBBC DW website
The Dragon KingDecide Your Destiny 11
HoundedThe Churchill Years 1.2
Hotel HistoriaDWM 394
The Poison PlanetDWA 58-60
The Creative SparkBattles in Time 42
Sea-RahDWA 61
The Great MordilloDWA 62
Destiny's DoorBBC DW website
Partners in Crime
The Fires of Pompeii
Planet of the Ood
The Lonely ComputerBBC DW website
Any Old Iron
Merchant of Menace
Battles in Time 43-44
Nightmare on the BoulevardDWA 63-64
FuelBBC DW website
WindsweptDWA 65
The Last WillThe Shakespeare Notebooks
ColdStorybook 2009
The Doctor and Donna encounter the Cobalite Pandas, as seen in flashback in Ground Control.
The Black Sea
Sting of the Serpent
Attack of the Rats
The Zantraan Invasion
Battles in Time 45-48
The Continuity CapDWA 66-67
The Sontaran Stratagem
The Poison Sky
The Doctor's Daughter
Ghosts of IndiaBBC novel
The Doctor TrapBBC novel
Shining DarknessBBC novel
Pest ControlBBC audiobook
Appearance of tenth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Blood Will OutTales of Terror
WormholeDWA 68-69Features a flashback of the Doctor's visit to Grothendar, between Time of the Cybermen and Deep and Dreamless Sleep.
The Black Hole GangDWA 70-71
Just Another ThursdayBBC DW website
CitiZen's ArrestDWA 72-73
The Baktek IllusionBBC DW website
The Lavender Hill BlobDWA 74-76
Shark BaitDWA 77
Wild PasturesBF 10DC 1.3
The Unicorn and the Wasp
Disappearing ActDW Files 14
The Greatest Mall in the UniverseAnnual 2009
Once upon a Time...Annual 2009
The Time SicknessAnnual 2009
Most Beautiful MusicAnnual 2009
Death DiscoAnnual 2009
The Forever TrapBBC audiobook
Attack of the Mange Mites!DWA 78-79
The Widow's CurseDWM 395-398
TechnophobiaBF 10th 1.1
Time ReaverBF 10th 1.2
Death and the QueenBF 10th 1.3
Pawns of the Zenith
Swarm of the Zenith
Prey of the Zenith
Lair of the Zenith
Battles in Time 49-52
Death's DealDestiny of the Doctor 10
No PlaceBF 10th 3.1
One Mile DownBF 10th 3.2
The Creeping DeathBF 10th 3.3
AutopiaIDW one-shot
Mad MarthaBBC DW website
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead

The tenth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

Out of This WorldDonna Noble Kidnapped!
The Sorceror of Albion
The Chiswick Cuckoos
Hello Children, EverywhereStorybook 2009
Grand Theft Planet!Storybook 2009
The Immortal EmperorStorybook 2009
Bing BongStorybook 2009
Island of the SirensStorybook 2009
Hold Your HorsesStorybook 2009
Whilst dealing with a small dinosaur situation, the Doctor finds time to give Shakespeare a hand writing The Tempest.
Beautiful ChaosBBC novel
By Order of the BonemendersDWA 80-82
The Alice in Wonderland CircuitDWA 83
Washed Away!DWA 84-85
The Time Stealer
School of the Dead
Ghosts from the Past
The Battle for Time
Battles in Time 53-56
Titanoleum TouristsDWA 86-87
In the BloodBBC novel
The Man in the MoonDWA 88-89
Time FliesDWA 90-92
The Giant's RingDWA 93-94
Frosty the SnowdemonDWA 95
The Nemonite InvasionBBC audiobook
Cold-Blooded War!IDW one-shot
Turn Left

The Stolen Earth
Journey's End

The Time of My LifeDWM 399
The ForgottenIDW mini-seriesFeatures flashbacks of the first Doctor between In-Between Times and Who Discovered America?; the second Doctor between The Avant Guardian and The Dying Light; the third Doctor between The Man in the Ion Mask and Day of the Daleks; the fourth Doctor between The Horns of Nimon and Return of the Spiders; the fifth Doctor between The Fall of the Druids and Frontios; the sixth Doctor between The Mark of the Rani and Mardi Gras Massacre; the seventh Doctor between Echo and The Best of Days; the eighth Doctor some time between Natural Regression and The Edge of Redemption; and the ninth Doctor between The Unquiet Dead and Aliens of London.
Carnage Zoo
Flight and Fury
The Living Ghosts
Extermination of the Daleks
Battles in Time 57-60
Music of the SpheresBBC Proms mini-episode
The PupletStorybook 2009
Number 1, Gallows Gate RoadBBC DW website
The EyelessBBC novel
The Rising NightBBC audiobook
The Next Doctor
Buying Time
The Wrong Woman
Dalek Universe 1
The House of Kingdom
Expiry Dating10th Doctor & River Song 1Features appearances by the fifth Doctor, between The Dancing Plague and Thin Time and between The King of Terror and Lunar Lagoon; and an interjection from the sixth Doctor, recorded between Business Unusual and The Deal.
Revolutions of TerrorTitan 10th 1-3
The Arts in SpaceTitan 10th 4-5
The Weeping Angels of MonsTitan 10th 6-9
Laundro-Room of DoomTitan FCBD 2015
EchoTitan 10th 10
The Fountains of Forever
Spiral Staircase
Sins of the Father
Titan 10th 11-15
Appearance of tenth Doctor in Four Doctors.
The Singer Not the SongTitan 10th 2.1-2.2
Cindy, Cleo, and the Magic SketchbookTitan 10th 2.3
Medicine ManTitan 10th 2.4-2.5
Arena of FearTitan 10th 2.6-2.7
Lady of the Blue BoxTitan FCBD 2016
Appearance of tenth Doctor in The Long Con.
The Wishing Well WitchTitan 10th 2.8-2.9
The Infinite CorridorTitan 10th 2.10
Appearance of tenth Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Appearance of tenth Doctor in The Promise.
The Jazz Monster
Music Man
Titan 10th 2.11-2.12
Revolving DoorsTitan 10th 3.5
Old Girl: Aftermath
Old Girl: Primeval
Old Girl: The Return of Sutekh
Old Girl: War of Gods
Titan 10th 2.13-2.17
Appearance of tenth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
The Ghost ShipRoad to 13th Doctor 1
Nurse Who?The Many Lives of Doctor Who
Breakfast at Tyranny'sTitan 10th 3.1-3.2
Sharper Than a Serpent's ToothTitan 10th 3.3-3.4
Vortex ButterfliesTitan 10th 3.6-3.8, 3.10Features an appearance of the twelfth Doctor, between Beneath the Waves and Death Among the Stars; and a flashback of the first Doctor at the Academy, many years before Dr Who and the Daleks.
The Good CompanionTitan 10th 3.11-3.14Features an appearance by the twelfth Doctor, between A Cold Snap and Catch a Falling Star.
Zero SpaceJenny 1.4
The Skies of New EarthTales from New Earth 1.3
Ground ControlIDW Annual 2010Features flashbacks of an encounter with Cobalite Pandas, between Cold and The Black Sea; and a trip through the green mists off Orion's Belt, between The Whispering Gallery and Sting of the Zygons.
Precious Annihilation10th Doctor & River Song 2
Da Vinci's Robots
Metal Mania
Battles in Time 61-62
The Sontaran GamesBBC Quick Reads
About Last Night
Dark Side of the Moon
Battles in Time 63-64
The Day the Earth Was Sold
The King of Earth
Battles in Time 65-66
Churchill VictoriousThe Churchill Years 2.4
The Dust of AgesDarksmith Legacy 1
The Graves of MordaneDarksmith Legacy 2
The Colour of DarknessDarksmith Legacy 3
The Depths of DespairDarksmith Legacy 4
The Vampire of ParisDarksmith Legacy 5
The Game of DeathDarksmith Legacy 6
The Planet of OblivionDarksmith Legacy 7
The Pictures of EmptinessDarksmith Legacy 8
The Art of WarDarksmith Legacy 9
The End of TimeDarksmith Legacy 10
The Guardians of Terror
The Rebirth of Corah
Battles in Time 67-68
Appearance of the tenth Doctor in Collision Course.
The Big, Blue BoxIDW Annual 2010
Ghosts10th Doctor & River Song 3
The Last VoyageBBC audiobook
Judgement of the JudoonBBC novel
The Slitheen ExcursionBBC novel
Prisoner of the DaleksBBC novel
Planet of the Dead
The House at the End of the World
The End
Battles in Time 69-70
The Cats of New CairoTales from New Earth 1.4
Total Eclipse of the HeartStorybook 2010
The End of the RainbowStorybook 2010
The Taking of Chelsea 426BBC novel
The Bog WarriorTime Trips
Room with a Déjà ViewIDW one-shot
ThinktwiceDWM 400-402
The Stockbridge ChildDWM 403-405
Mortal BelovedDWM 406-407
The Age of IceDWM 408-411
The Deep HereafterDWM 412
OnomatopoeiaDWM 413
Ghosts of the Northern LineDWM 414-415
The Crimson HandDWM 416-420
AutonomyBBC novel
Blue MoonBBC DW website
A Brave New WorldDiary of River Song 8.2
The Vortex CodeAnnual 2010
Health & SafetyAnnual 2010
Scared StiffStorybook 2010
Space Vikings!Storybook 2010
Bennelong PointStorybook 2010
The Shape on the ChairStorybook 2010
Knock Knock!Storybook 2010
The Haldenmor FugueStorybook 2010
The Genuine ArticleOnline mini-episode
The Krillitane StormBBC novel
The Day of the TrollBBC audiobook
Appearance of tenth Doctor in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
The Time MachinationIDW one-shot
Silver ScreamIDW DW 1-2
FugitiveIDW DW 3-6
TessaractIDW DW 7-8
Don't Step on the GrassIDW DW 9-12
Old FriendIDW Annual 2010
Final SacrificeIDW DW 13-16
The Waters of Mars
The Knight, the Fool and the DeadBBC novelThe interludes feature the first Doctor during the events of The Firemaker; the ninth Doctor between Rose and the Snow Window and Monstrous Beauty; and the eighth Doctor during He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not.
All Flesh Is GrassBBC novelFeatures the eighth Doctor between The Enemy of My Enemy and Mutually Assured Destruction; and the ninth Doctor during the events of Monstrous Beauty.
Tales of the Dark TimesComic CreatorThese adventures occur during the events of All Flesh Is Grass.
The Minds of MagnoxBBC audiobookThis adventure occurs during the events of All Flesh Is Grass. The coda features the eleventh Doctor, between The Blood of Azrael and The Time of the Doctor.
The Shattered HourglassShort Trips 10.12
Out of TimeOut of Time 1Features an appearance by the fourth Doctor, between The Deadly Assassin and Night of the Vashta Nerada.
Keeping Up with the JonesesTime Trips
DreamlandRed Button animation
Appearance of tenth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Echoes of ExtinctionBF TLV 5Features the eighth Doctor between The Time Ball and He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not.
The Gates of HellOut of Time 2Features an appearance by the fifth Doctor, between The Helliax Rift and Diary Extract.
The Chromosome ConnectionDWA 96
The Aquarius ConditionDWA 97
Glum CultureDWA 98
The Great Rain RobberyDWA 99
The Parrian ProposalDWA 100
Hitching PointDWA 101
Store WarsDWA 102
The SubmarinersDWA 103
The Greed of the GavulavDWA 104
The Secret ArmyDWA 105
The Silver BulletDWA 106
The InvisiblesDWA 107
Good Old DaysDWA 108
The Abomination GameDWA 109
T.R.O.L.DWA 110
CyclopsDWA 111
The Crystal PalaceDWA 112
The Spirit of AshgarDWA 113
Monster IdolDWA 114
The Slakken CatDWA 115
Code FreezeDWA 116
Hear No EvilDWA 117
Terror in the TardisDWA 118
The Ball and Chain GangDWA 119
The Memory CollectiveDWA 120
The Blue Star BombDWA 121
Flight of the GiurgeaxDWA 122
StarstruckDWA 123
The Genius TrapDWA 124
The Rising TideDWA 125
Sweet DreamsDWA 126
CopycatDWA 127
Shadow of the VaipidDWA 128
Snakes Alive!DWA 129
The Sparkling PlanetDWA 130
The Curse of VladulaDWA 131
Photo FinishDWA 132
Brain TrainDWA 133
Foot SoldiersDWA 134
Bad WolfieDWA 135
City of LightDWA 136
The Guardian of MurcherDWA 137
Night of the Burnt ToastDWA 138
The Ghost FactoryDWA 139
Skydive!DWA 140
Highway RobberyDWA 141
DoomsilkDWA 142
One Careful OwnerDWA 143
The Garden RebellionDWA 144
The Goats of Christmas PastDWA 145
A Merry Little ChristmasDWA 146
We Will Rock YouDWA 147
The Highest StakeDWA 148
Hook, Line and SinkerDWA 149
The Unwelcome VisitorsDWA 150
Junk FoodDWA 151
Dead-LineDWA 152
The Advent of FearBBC DW Website
Arctic EclipseDWA 153
Return of the KlytodeDWA 154
Creature FeatureDWA 155
Code of the KrillitanesBBC Quick Reads
MudshockDWA 156
Project UFODWA 157
Borrowed TimeDWA 158
To Sleep, Perchance to ScreamIDW Annual 2010
Dead AirBBC audiobook
Last ChanceBF 10DC 1.4
The Doctor on My ShoulderBBC DW Website
The End of Time

The tenth Doctor's appearance in The Jago & Litefoot Revival occurs during the final events of this story.

The Secret of Novice HameOnline mini-episodeThis adventure occurs during the final scenes of The End of Time.
Lucky HeatherDWA 159This adventure occurs during the final scenes of The End of Time.
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