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Adventures of the
ninth Doctor Who

Story Title Location Notes
Appearance of ninth Doctor in Death Will Not Part Us.
The Bleeding HeartBF 9DC 1.1
Battle ScarsShort Trips 9.07
Appearance of ninth Doctor in The Day of the Doctor.
Flashback of ninth Doctor in The Promise.
A Day to YourselvesWintertime Paradox
The Oncoming StormThe Churchill Years 1.1
The Patchwork PierrotTales of Terror
The Doctor saves Professor Flynn Beckett on his final expedition, as seen in flashback in Fond Farewell.
Human ConflictThe Churchill Years 2.2
The Hungry NightScientific Secrets
Her Own BootstrapsShort Trips 10.09The conclusion features the Doctor re-visting Althea, between The Long Game and Art Attack.
I was Churchill's DoubleThe Churchill Years 2.3
Double FalsehoodThe Shakespeare Notebooks
Sphere of Freedom
Food Fight
The Albino's DancerTelos novella
Girl, DeconstructedRespond to All Calls
Fright Motif
Planet of the End
The Hunting SeasonLost Warriors
The Curse of Lady Macbeth
Monsters in Metropolis
Fond FarewellOld Friends 1Features a flashback of the Doctor on Professor Beckett's last expedition, between The Patchwork Pierrot and Human Conflict.
Way of the Burryman
The Forth Generation
Old Friends 2-3
What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally SparrowAnnual 2006
Station to StationBack to Earth
The False Dimitry
Auld Lang Syne
The Beast of BabylonPuffin e-book
Little Rose Riding HoodTime Lord Fairy Tales This heavily-stylized telling may not be an accurate depiction of events.
The End of the World
The Unquiet Dead

Appearance of ninth Doctor in The Forgotten.
Aliens of London
World War Three

The ninth Doctor's appearance in A Stitch in Time occurs during this adventure.

The Love InvasionDWM 355-357
The Window on the MoorBF 9DC 1.2
The Clockwise ManBBC novel
The Monsters InsideBBC novel
Winner Takes AllBBC novel
The Ashes of EternityBBC audiobook
The Other SideBF 9DC 1.3
The Long Game

The Doctor pays a visit to Althea Brice, as recounted in Her Own Bootstraps.
Art AttackDWM 358
The Cruel SeaDWM 359-362
The Red Bicycle12 Doctors of Xmas
Flashback of ninth Doctor in Death to the Doctor!
The Lichyrwick AbominationShort Trips 11.X
Father's Day
Doctor vs DoctorAnnual 2006
The Masks of MakassarAnnual 2006
Mr NobodyAnnual 2006
Pitter-patterAnnual 2006
Appearance of ninth Doctor in Where's the Doctor?
Retail TherapyBF 9DC 1.4
A Groatsworth of WitDWM 363-364
Appearance of ninth Doctor in Four Doctors.
Appearance of ninth Doctor in Prisoners of Time.
Rose and the Snow WindowThe Day She Saved the Doctor
Interlude of ninth Doctor in The Knight, the Fool and the Dead.
Monstrous BeautyDWM 556-558The ninth Doctor's appearance in All Flesh Is Grass occurs between the final scenes of this story.
The Empty Child
The Doctor Dances

Appearance of ninth Doctor in Supremacy of the Cybermen.
Weapons of Past DestructionTitan mini-series
The Deviant StrainBBC novel
Night of the WhisperDestiny of the Doctor 9
HackedTitan FCBD 2016
DoctormaniaTitan 9th 1-3
The TransformedTitan 9th 4-5
Official SecretsTitan 9th 6-8
Slaver's SongTitan 9th 9-10
The Slist Show Christmas Special!BBC Worldwide website
Sin-EatersTitan 9th 11-12
Secret Agent ManTitan 9th 13
The Bidding WarTitan 9th 14-15Features a flashback of the War Doctor, between The Enigma Dimension and The Whole Thing's Bananas.
Only HumanBBC novel
Appearance of ninth Doctor in The Lost Dimension.
Boom Town
The Stealers of DreamsBBC novel
Return of the VolsciThe Many Lives of Doctor Who
Bad Wolf
The Parting of the Ways

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